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GuideStone offers a variety of literature to provide you with in-depth information on GuideStone Funds and thought leadership from GuideStone Capital Management, LLC.

Active Vs. Passive Management

Learn more about why market conditions matter.

Global Bond Fund Profile
GuideStone believes in strategic, long-term, global investing by active sub-advisers, and our Global Bond Fund is an example of this strategy in action.
Is Investing in U.S. Debt Enough?
Fixed income typically plays an important role in investors' portfolios due to the desire for income generation and generally lower volatility.
Real Estate Securities Fund Profile
As a strategic component within a real assets allocation, GuideStone Capital Management, LLC believes that most investors can benefit from an allocation to real estate investments.
Does greater risk equal greater reward?
The simple answer is not always, which is why investors may look at lower-volatility fund options like GuideStone's Defensive Market Strategies Fund. The Fund aims to deliver equity-like returns at reduced risk when compared to the S&P 500 ® Index.
Defensive Market Strategies Fund Profile
The Defensive Market Strategies Fund takes a multi-manager, multi-strategy approach to investing by blending complementary managers and strategy types in pursuit of a risk-efficient portfolio.
Medium Duration Bond Fund Profile
The GuideStone Medium-Duration Bond Fund is a core plus strategy that provides investors with the broad sector exposure of the BAI while also utilizing additional extended sectors, such as high yield and non-U.S. issues, which are not components of the BAI for further opportunistic diversification.
Interest Rates - why are they rising and what are the implications?
Interest rates have become a very hot topic over the past few years. Investors are concerned that higher interest rates, both short and long term, could impede economic growth and negatively impact the financial markets.
Investment News: What lies ahead for the market in the second half of the year.
GuideStone Funds Vice President and Investment Officer Ron Dugan, along with five other investment industry professionals offer their insights on the financial markets.