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Committed to a 100-year mission.

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Founded in 1918, GuideStone® exists to serve those who serve the Lord with the integrity of our hearts and the skillfulness of our hands. And because of this, we are driven by more than just the bottom line.

GuideStone is committed to Do well. Do right. Do MORE. every day and show Christ’s love to those we serve — from assisting others in being good stewards of their financial resources to volunteering in the community. Our goal is for everyone who encounters GuideStone to be encouraged and inspired. We believe that defines what it means to be a Christian investment company. Here are just a few highlights of GuideStone Funds®:


Parent organization founded



First sub-adviser hired

SRI Policy added



Launch of AB Funds Trust



Name changed to GuideStone Funds



GuideStone Funds first available in retail accounts



Received Lipper Award for Best Overall Small Fund Group (U.S.) (3 year)



GuideStone becomes sponsor of Kingdom Advisors



GuideStone Funds become available on advisor platforms



GuideStone launches Shareholder Advocacy Initiative



Received Lipper Award for Best Overall Small Fund Group (U.S.) (3 year)



GuideStone launches Impact Investing Initiative

The entire GuideStone Funds family won the Lipper Fund Award for 2019 Best Overall Small Company over 3 years (out of 29 eligible as of November 30, 2018). Based on risk-adjusted total return.1

Invest with your values.

Match your principles to your portfolio.

GuideStone recognizes the realities and challenges Christians face in our society today — particularly when it comes to family. Throughout Scripture, God emphasizes the importance of the family structure; yet each day it seems we face new obstacles attempting to undermine His design.

Because we believe in holding fast to our ideals, several decades ago GuideStone implemented an investment policy to help support our biblical values through the protection of life, family, stewardship, health and safety. Therefore, GuideStone does not invest in any company that is publicly recognized as being in the alcohol, tobacco, gambling, pornography or abortion industries.

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Giving back.

You help us put hands and feet to our mission.

Community Service
Our community service program allows GuideStone employees to volunteer with one another throughout the Dallas community. Whether it is serving a hot meal to the homeless in South Dallas or sorting Bibles for ministry use, our employees are given the opportunity to truly be the hands and feet of Christ to our neighbors in need.

The heartbeat of GuideStone is our ministry to SBC ministers, workers and widows who faithfully served our Lord and now find themselves struggling to make ends meet. Through generous donations and an endowment that covers operational expenses, we are able to provide monthly financial assistance to almost 1,700 retired soldiers of the cross. This additional income allows them to meet their basic financial needs, including bills, food, medication and more.

John Jones CFA, CLU®


GuideStone Funds

David S. Spika, CFA

President & Chief Investment Officer

GuideStone Capital Management

Timothy R. Bray, CFA, CAIA, CDDA

Director of Alternative Investments

GuideStone Capital Management

Brandon Pizzurro, CFP®

Director of Public Investments

GuideStone Capital Management

Melanie Childers

Vice President - Funds Operations

GuideStone Funds

Matt Wolfe

Chief Compliance Officer

GuideStone Funds

Patrick Pattison, CPA

Vice President and Treasurer

GuideStone Funds

Will Lofland

Director, Head of Intermediary Distribution

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