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May 11, 2022

Scorched Stock Traders Starting to See Hard Landing in Soft Data

David Spika chats with Bloomberg saying a recession may be unavoidable if we want to have a meaningful impact on inflation.
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COMMENTARY GuideStone Capital Management Weekly Macro Minute

August 8, 2022

Weekly Macro Minute

Our weekly macro commentary provides fresh and unique insights into the forces and trends driving the financial markets. Read what our investment professionals see as the most interesting developments right now.

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FAITH-BASED INVESTING GuideStone - Episode 13 - David Spika & Tim Bray

July 7, 2022

Episode 13 – David Spika & Tim Bray – Asset Allocation

Tune in as David Spika and Tim Bray discuss GuideStone’s current market outlook and how investors should consider allocating assets in this environment.

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David Spika GuideStone Funds David S. Spika, CFA

President & Chief Investment Officer
GuideStone Capital Management, LLC

Tim Bray GuideStone Funds Timothy R. Bray, CFA, CAIA®, CDDA®

Director of Alternative Investments
GuideStone Capital Management, LLC

Brandon Pizzuro GuideStone Funds Brandon Pizzurro, CFP®

Director of Public Investments
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