Serving the Underserved

While Promoting the Growth of God’s Kingdom

For more than 100 years, a commitment to “serve those who serve the Lord with the integrity of our hearts and the skillfulness of our hands” has been the driving force of GuideStone®. It is displayed across each of our service offerings — from Insurance to Retirement to Investments — and is most evident through the work of Mission:Dignity®, our ministry that provides financial assistance to retired ministers, workers and their widows whose income is insufficient to meet their ongoing needs.

This ministry focus governs our approach to investment management. GuideStone Capital Management, the investment adviser to GuideStone Funds®, has provided Christian investors with well-diversified, Biblically aligned investment options since its inception.

We started by implementing an exclusionary screen that prohibits investments in organizations that are publicly recognized as being in the alcohol, tobacco, gambling, pornography and abortion industries. Over the past several years, we have taken our faith-based approach a step further by engaging in shareholder advocacy, seeking to positively influence the future actions of the organizations whose securities we own through our mutual funds.

While exclusionary screening and shareholder advocacy serve a valuable role in investor portfolios, they can only go so far in promoting positive, long-lasting change. That’s why we believe impact investing is the natural next frontier in our mission to deliver Biblical values through our investment offerings. By purposefully investing in organizations that seek to protect life, promote human dignity and enhance the efficiency and accessibility of life-sustaining resources, we are helping to create positive impact in the world — which we believe we are called to do as Christians.

As the nation’s largest faith-based mutual fund family1, GuideStone Funds is in a unique position to offer impact investing to the evangelical Christian community. We have significant research capabilities, experienced intellectual capital and a long track record of leveraging high-quality institutional asset management firms to create a lineup of global faith-based investments.

GuideStone is excited to offer a new mutual fund created specifically for impact investing — the GuideStone Global Impact Fund. This new Fund is designed for investors who are looking for a diversified and balanced portfolio of equity and fixed income securities and want to actively invest in organizations that are working to enact positive change in the world.

GuideStone’s Impact Themes

Sanctity of Life & Spreading the Gospel

Investing in organizations that seek to protect life, enhance living conditions and proclaim the Gospel.

Investment example: A mortgage-backed security that is comprised entirely of mortgages for women with low-to-moderate incomes. Supporting low-income women is a key factor in reducing abortion.

Human Dignity & Advancement

Investing in organizations that seek to improve health care and provide advancements in technology, education and employment training.

Investment example: An equity position in a health care organization whose primary focus is on providing low-cost health care and clinical resources to senior citizens. Improving the care available to the elderly helps promote the physical and emotional well-being of those who are often overlooked in society.

Stewardship of God’s Creation

Investing in organizations that seek to enhance the efficiency and accessibility of life-sustaining resources such as water and land.

Investment example: A municipal security that distributes grants for water projects in economically distressed areas where water and sewer systems do not exist or require significant improvements. Building water and wastewater infrastructure in needy communities supports the efficient delivery of clean, safe and reliable water supplies to the less fortunate.

About the GuideStone Global Impact Fund

The GuideStone Global Impact Fund seeks capital appreciation with modest current income. The Fund employs an actively managed, manager-of-managers approach and is strategically constructed as a multi-asset class investment. The majority of the Fund is invested in a diversified mix of global publicly traded equity and fixed income securities, with a targeted allocation to illiquid alternative investments. 

Image of pie chart for Global Impact fund asset allocations As of January 29, 2021. Asset allocation subject to change at any time. Pie chart is a representation and actual exposures may differ. The size denotes the relative weighting in the Fund.

Strategy and Sub-Adviser Target Allocations2,3

Global Public Equity

Janus Capital Management

Global all-cap equity strategy with a core-to-growth orientation

U.S. Public Fixed Income

RBC Global Asset Management

Conservative core strategy with a focus on security selection and sector rotation

Private Investments4

Private Investments4

Targeted investments focused on GuideStone’s impact themes

Invest With Confidence

As a Christian organization, GuideStone believes it matters where we invest the resources God has given to us. Our faith-based investment policy, which is a foundational element of our approach to asset management, was specifically created to ensure the investments we make support the sanctity of life, family, stewardship, health and safety.

However, we also believe investors should not be forced to choose between values and performance. That's why all of our mutual funds — including the Global Impact Fund — are strategically constructed and managed with the goal of generating competitive risk-adjusted returns over full market cycles.

To learn more about GuideStone's innovative, award-winning5 approach to faith-based investing and how to incorporate the Global Impact Fund6 into your portfolio, contact your GuideStone Funds representative.

Introducing GuideStone Global Impact Fund