Faith-Based Investing

Episode 11: Who is the faith-based investor?

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Podcast • 5/17/2023
Episode 18: What is Faith-based Investing, and Why are Investors Interested?
Listen in as David Spika, Chief Investment Officer, and Will Lofland, Director of Investments Distribution, explore investors' growing interest in faith-based investing.
Podcast • 4/19/2023
Episode 17: Inflation, the Fed and Volatility: What can Investors Do?
David Spika, Chief Investment Officer, and Tim Bray, Director of Alternative Investments, consider current market conditions and allocation options for investors.
Podcast • 3/7/2023
Episode 16: Impact Investing with GuideStone
Will Lofland and Brandon Pizzurro, Director of Public Investments, talk about the origins and mission of GuideStone’s impact investing strategies.
Podcast • 1/3/2023
Episode 15: What does the Bible say about wealth?
In this episode, listen in as Will Lofland and Dr. Hance Dilbeck, President of GuideStone, share an in-depth look at what Scripture teaches us about wealth.
Podcast • 11/8/2022
Episode 14: How should advisors think about faith-based investing?
Join Will Lofland and Trevor Garlock as they discuss how GuideStone equips advisors to meet their clients' growing demand for faith-based investing.
Podcast • 7/7/2022
Episode 13 : Asset Allocation
Tune in as David Spika and Tim Bray discuss GuideStone’s current market outlook and how investors should consider allocating assets in this environment.
Podcast • 10/19/2021
Episode 12: Introducing the GuideStone Global Impact Fund
To continue serving the Christian investor community, GuideStone expands its faith-based offering to include impact investing with its new Global Impact Fund.
Podcast • 2/25/2020
Episode 11: Who is the faith-based investor?
Are advisors in today's environment armed with the proper faith-based investing strategies, from education all the way to implementation?
Podcast • 12/30/2019
Episode 09: The Alphabet Soup of Values-Based Investing
New to the world of faith-based investing? This episode teaches advisors the ABCs of faith-based investing and how they can wisely apply these options to investors’ portfolios.

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